My 3 golden rules for dealing with skeptics

All the people working in the paranormal field have had conversations with skeptics. We all heard negative comments and sometimes we don’t know how to handle it. It’s normal because you will find skeptics everywhere, not only in the paranormal field. Even in my job as hearing instrument specialist, I have to deal with skeptics. Skepticism is very important for paranormal research because we have to work with an open mind, evaluate our results with high diligence and logical consistency. I’ve made my own 3 golden rules, how to deal with skeptics and they help me a lot. 

Rule No.1: Never try to convince others

It’s very hard to do a lot of persuading. All of us have tried it once in a while, only to find out that it’s a) exhausting and b) pointless. Personally, I think that I have doubts about my work when I have to convince others. I can only give the advice to let your work speak for itself. Every person has a right for his or her own opinion and belief, respect it in any case.

Rule No.2: Keep it technical

I really hate it when people call me a wacko or similar and I would love to give them a piece of my mind. And you should too, especially when people offend you in an inappropriate way. Accept other peoples opinion but also bring out that you don’t tolerate insults. Discuss about the different opinions, listen to them and don’t forget that everyone is entitled to his/her beliefs. Your opinion is your opinion and theirs is theirs. Do not hesitate to get out of the situation if the person you talk to is going way overboard. Keep it technical!

Rule No.3: Never take anything personal

When somebody calls you a wacko you could ask yourself, why this person is acting like that. Maybe the person has another opinion, which is completely ok or the person has a problem with herself/himself and needs to let off steam. The person wants to act strong and like a boss although he/she is insecure and full of self-doubts and needs a “victim”. Anyways, we are not psychologists and we can’t look inside the brain of the persons around us. All I can do is follow my own rules to manage difficult situations. And sometimes I have my own thoughts on the matter.

Anke Carver

Anke Carver

Editor - In - Chief
Paranormalermittlerin und Gründerin der Spirit Hunters Germany®, Gründerin von Paranormal Weirdo. Paranormal Investigator and Founder of the Spirit Hunters Germany®, Creator and Host of Paranormal Weirdo.

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