Saint Stanislaus Pioneer Cemetery – Wilno, Ontario

Haunted Wilno

Southeast of the small Polish community of Wilno, Ontario, sits the Pioneer cemetery of Saint Stanislaus. Established in 1876, the now disused graveyard lies still amid a lush green forest, the silence of which is only broken by the song of the birds and the wind-carried voices of the locals as they go about their business in the near-by hamlet. For some, the descendants of those buried in the cemetery, their business includes tending to the upkeep of its grounds. You can see in the work they do that they are happy to be there, cutting the grass, exchanging wilted flowers for fresh, and mending broken grave markers, whatever it takes.  Happy during the day that is.  For there’s not many, if any, who would venture there after dark.  For over a century now, the inhabitants of Wilno, have bore witness to a haunting some say continues to this very day.  But this is not your average run -of-the-mill haunting.

This account has been passed down through generations and involves a  young woman called Stefanai, whose beauty had men flocking from miles around to seek her hand in marriage.  But Stafanai was not interested. She was adamant that she was far too young to be married, and besides, her father, a widower, needed her help.  A decision that she would regret.  Shortly after rejecting a marriage proposal from the son of a practicing occultist, Stefanai appeared to suddenly fall ill.  Much to the horror of her father, and those who witnessed the events unfold, Stefanai, with glowing red eyes and a voice that could only have came from the depths of Hell itself, would not only speak in tongues, but would also hurl curses at her father and those who dared visit the home.  Stefanai died not too long afterwards, and to exorcise the evil spirit that had taken over his daughter, her father laid Stefania’s body outside the home, only to have it disappear.  Her father, who had gone to search for his daughter, was found dead the next day in the Saint Stanislaus Cemetery.  Stefanai’s body was never found.

There have been numerous reported sightings of both Stefanai and her father at the cemetery. Some have also said to have seen both spectres walking through the village of Wilno.

Wilno is a hamlet located in the township of Killaloe, Hagerty and Richards. The township has a population of 2,420.

*Statistics Canada. Government of Canada!
*Picture courtesy of *Pixabay!

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