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Joe Cairney

Hi there,

I thought that I would introduce myself before posting my first article for Paranormal Weirdo. I promise, I’ll make it brief. At least I’ll try.

I grew up in Clydebank, Scotland where I spent the first 18 years of my life, before moving to the ancient capital of Strathclyde, Dumbarton.  And It was here, in Dumbarton, that I indulged my interest in the Paranormal, an interest that began approximately nine years earlier when I overheard my father recount an experience that he had.   I became a regular visitor to the local library, where I would spend hours pouring over all sorts of books on the subject.  Witchcraft, Reincarnation, Hauntings, UFO’s, Life After Death, Cryptozoology, my interest ran deep, and if I wasn’t reading about it, I would be watching it on tv, as I still do.  Fast forward to 2010, and my 22nd year living in Ontario, Canada.  This is when I took my interest in the Paranormal to an entirely new level, and co-founded Wellington County Paranormal Investigators (WCPI). I could go on at length about the great investigations we have conducted, the evidence we have unearthed, the wonderful people I have met and the equally wonderful places we have been, but I won’t, you can check that out at  Taking my interest a little further, I recently started an online discussion site, aptly named ‘’, where I hope that you and I can share our experiences and have a chat about anything paranormal. And let’s not forget the wonderful opportunity that I have been given, and which has you reading this now, becoming a writer for Paranormal Weirdo. Thanks Anke and Liam.

Joe Cairney

Joe Cairney

Co-Founder of Wellington County Paranormal Investigators (WCPI). Creator and Host of

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